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Mobile Scores Top Marks as Email Platform of Choice

The DynaSis Team

If you’ve ever wanted to see a plethora of stats about email, in a single place, then we have found the site for you. It’s called Email Monday and the marketing expert who runs it updates it each week. When we checked it recently, we noticed some statistics that are very pertinent to small and medium business (SMB) owners.

The foremost statistic is that 47% of email is read on a mobile client compared to 28% on a desktop client, as of March 2014. This is actually a few points lower than a peak that occurred in November-December 2013, but we ascribe this number to holiday shopping, vacations, and other out-of-office situations that occur during this period.

More importantly, the number is up, year over year (mobile email usage was only 15% in the first quarter of 2011), and webmail has climbed, as well, to 25% of all opens. In other words, only 28% of email is now being read on a desktop computer. That’s an important statistic for SMBs—especially those that do not have a secure mobile solution in place for their employees. (More about this in a minute.)

Another interesting stat is that 79% of smartphone users rely on their device for reading email—a higher percentage than those who use it for making phone calls. What’s the takeaway on these statistics? We believe it to be that whether or not you have defined and implemented a corporate email policy, your employees are likely checking corporate email on their smartphones. They are also likely checking personal email on these devices while at the office—across your Wi-Fi network.

Without effective security and access control in place at your firm, in the form of both user policies and technology-based monitoring, you and your employees could be putting your corporate assets at risk.

We didn’t plan to talk about security two weeks in a row, but we decided to do it because things are pretty scary out there, these days. Furthermore, an alarming number of SMBs (the companies we are dedicated to protecting) are not taking proper precautions. Mobility is absolutely critical to business productivity, as these numbers underscore, but without security in tandem with it, the negative impacts can wipe out those benefits.

DynaSis certified professionals can perform an affordable, non-intrusive network assessment that will determine whether or not your company is vulnerable, and then help you develop a roadmap to fix any issues they find. (We find problems on the vast majority of networks we examine—even those “protected” by other firm’s solutions.)

In case you are not convinced yet, we’ll leave you with one more interesting statistic. Android users spend far more time perusing email on their devices than do iPhone users. And, since Android is a far more vulnerable device platform, we can project what that means to your corporate security.

If you haven’t had your corporate defenses examined recently (or ever), or if you have worked with us in the past but are not protected by our end-to-end desktop and device security solution, we hope you will fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at 678.218.1769.

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