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Managing IT Security

Recently, the public has become aware of massive technology attacks and vulnerabilities. There has been an enormous increase in sensational news stories covering hacking scandals.  Hacking groups like LulzSec, who hacked Sony, Anonymous, and other hacktivist organizations have spotlighted the reality of technological malice. Unprotected systems of all sizes are ripe targets for sophisticated hacking attacks and viruses.

Even if you have a firewall, anti-virus software, and malware protection, the largest data vulnerability still isn't protected. Physical theft and disaster is one of the most common forms of tech malice. Losing data results in revenue loss, reputation damage, and diminished employee and consumer confidence.

Staying up to date with security is a major initiative in business and yet, it still poses a great challenge to even the largest corporations. For companies that don’t have security as a core competency, building the right infrastructure, hiring and training personnel, and maintaining security practices can be a heavy investment, fraught with risk.

Hiring security professionals in the past might have seemed like a nice luxury. But now, as businesses rely more on technology, the necessity to maintain an IT system’s integrity is fundamental. You can talk to DynaSis today to review your security needs. We will present you with the options available and build a solution that is right for your business. With over 20 years of industry experience, our track record speaks for itself. DynaSis’ experts build world class security systems with industry leading technologies. We manage these systems 24/7/365 in real-time and provide immediate support if anything arises. Data integrity is ensured with the highest levels of authentication, access control, and confidentiality available.

Data security and protection have been cornerstones for IT infrastructure development since the creation of the world wide web. The ability to connect to the Internet and store sensitive data is vital to nearly every business. With great power comes great responsibility. With DynaSis managed security, you can concentrate on using the power and we will bear the responsibility.

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