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Making Digital Disruption Work for You: Step 1 – Microsoft Office 365

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If you follow DynaSis on Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere, you are aware that we have been discussing Digital Disruption for some time now. If not, here is a 30-second overview: digital disruption on a global scale happens with developments like the advent of computers and/or the Internet. On an industry-wide scale, Digital Disruption comes from events such as Uber’s effect on the taxi industry or Netflix’s effect on video rentals. Since neither you nor I are likely to re-invent the Internet, nor create the next Uber, we are far more interested in how positive Digital Disruption (aka Digital Transformation) can affect our own businesses.

Inertia is a powerful force. It’s the reason why we can’t push a boulder uphill, or why you fall when you jump out of a car (your feet stop when they hit the pavement, but your body keeps going.) And it is emotional inertia that keeps us from making changes in our business when we know we really should. This is what keeps us from embracing Digital Transformation: using technology to transform our business, propelling us past our competition. The alternative is waiting for our competition to propel past us.

The first step in overcoming inertia and bringing digital transformation into your business is as easy as migrating from the Microsoft Office version you are currently using, to Microsoft Office 365. This is not merely upgrading to a newer version of Office. This is providing your employees with the ability to become more productive, to collaborate with colleagues, to function as powerful and effective teams, all while greatly increasing your network security.

But here is where inertia often sets in. You are using a version of Office that’s only three or four years old. It’s working fine. Everyone uses it; everyone is skilled in it; everyone is comfortable. Why change? Good question, so here are some answers:

1: Your people have left the building…they are working from home, in airports, clients’ offices, on the beach, etc. Microsoft Office 365 lets them work with anytime, anywhere access to all their files. It works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

2: Up to five devices per user: desktops (home and office), laptops, tablets and smartphones.

3: Data loss prevention. Office 365 backs up data in its world-wide network of secure facilities, and you know that with Microsoft’s financial strength behind it, it will always be there.

4: New applications, like Delve. Delve acts like your personal secretary. It finds hard to find documents, does research, keeps track of your projects, and so much more. (There are many more new apps.)

5: Migration is easy and since Microsoft Office 365 updates itself, migration is a one-time thing, and never need be repeated as new versions come out.

Right now, it’s also especially cost effective as we at DynaSis have just introduced our Cloud Accelerator Program with great Microsoft Office 365 migration incentives. You owe it to your business to LEARN MORE.

With 25 years of experience providing Atlanta’s small to mid-sized business community with IT support, DynaSis continues to lead the way in IT security and managed support. Learn more at or call us at 678-373-0716.

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