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IT Priorities for 2015: Data, Infrastructure and Mobility Top the List

By the DynaSis Team

With a new year underway, companies large and small are making plans for the IT projects they believe will support their companies, their staffs and their business goals. Last year was definitely a watershed for technology, for everything from cyberattacks to cloud migration, making us wonder if these events and trends would have an impact on 2015 goals.

Scanning the horizon, we found that IT leaders appear to be focusing on a number of core technologies. Per a sampling of more than 1,000 CIOs in the 2015 TechTarget IT Priorities Survey, some of the “hot” initiatives for 2015 are mobility (36%), virtualization (30%) and at the top of the list, data/data center consolidation (40%).

Another survey of nearly 3,000 CIOs, by research firm Gartner, indicated similar results. For this group, business intelligence/data analytics is the number one priority for 2015, with 50% of respondents ranking it first. Next in line are infrastructure (hardware platforms) and mobility, with cloud computing not far behind.

In the report, Gartner noted that these investments aren’t simply cyclical IT refreshes. Rather, based on survey comments Gartner predicted, “For at least the next decade, deep technology-driven innovation will be the new normal for market leaders.”

In other words, these tech executives are building out the platform solutions that will help their companies function in a world where technology isn’t merely a business enabler―it’s the chief cog in the business wheel, with all other functions revolving around it.

These IT executives have realized that their data is spread among too many storage locations, or that the manner in which employees are storing data isn’t efficient or well organized. They know that they can do more with the data they have, but they need to robust solutions to help them leverage and analyze it.

They also understand that mobility is paramount to productivity, but they know they cannot continue to allow ad-hoc connections and random mobile solutions on their networks. They want a dedicated platform that unites and manages everything.

In sum, these executives want to build strong, secure frameworks that facilitate productivity, mobility and meaningful use of and access to data.

This is an approach we have long espoused. Businesses needs productivity (which also means availability) as well as mobility and security, and they don’t derive much value from only having one or two of these elements in place. The best solutions are those that encompass all three.

At DynaSis, we recognize that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need powerful IT platforms even more than their larger counterparts do. We have been helping our customers deploy and maintain comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for years, whether on-premise through Digital Veins, in the cloud with ITility by DynaSis, or as a hybrid that gives them both (Ascend).

This year promises to be both exciting and challenging in the IT world, with many new developments, good and bad, and DynaSis is ready for all of them. We look forward to helping SMBs harness technology for their benefit without becoming victims of those who would use it for evil. To learn more or get started, please give us a call.

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