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How The Desktop Is Like A Dial Tone

by David J. Moorman

Prior to the dial tone, operators would say, “Hello, who are you trying to reach?” and would connect your call. When the telephone systems became automated there was no longer an operator there to say, “Hello.” So, the dial tone was created as a user interface to let people know they could begin to dial.

In many ways, desktops have turning into a modern dial tone. We turn on our computer and we expect some sort of platform. This platform for most people is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and typically Microsoft Windows or the latest Apple OS. The term Desktop is now widely known. We are used to the look and feel of the Desktop. But the truth is, we don’t really need it. What we need are the applications on the computer like Microsoft Office or you accounting application. Similarly, we didn't need the telephone operator, we needed to be connected to the person we called.

So what is the computer equivalent to a dial tone?

Glad you asked. It’s so simple and quick, it may pass right over your head.

The modern operating system, capable of taking your desktop everywhere with the ability to accomplish every task you can think of and expands your entire digital business onto every device is (drum roll please)...

The Web or a single web page.

Windows is just a platform we use to connect us to the applications and files we need to accomplish our business tasks. The platform handles two things, navigation and as a human interface. Fortunately, we only need a browser to accomplish both of these tasks.

Other businesses like Google think so too. They’re putting some heavy weight behind creating their own browser based operating system called Chrome OS. The downside of their operating system is that it would require transitioning to their own tool set.

At DynaSis, we created an IT service built on a cloud platform called ITtility by DynaSis that allows businesses to use any operating system, and most browsers to access your applications and files. It doesn’t matter if you are on your iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, or Microsoft Windows. Your IT system will just work; Anywhere, Anytime.

Do you worry about how Google’s system is run? Probably not. You just expect it to work, and it does. That should be how your IT solutions work. They just do. You can work from anywhere, on any device, and you don’t have to think about it.

ITility by DynaSis allows you to use all of your normal applications like Outlook right over the internet. It’s such a simple form of IT, it’s almost hard to comprehend.

Operating Systems Are Like Operators

Currently, your IT is setup so that your operator is in-house. But with ITility by DynaSis by DynaSis that operator can be outsourced. It would be ridiculous to pick up the phone and have a person connect your call every time. In ten years, you will be thinking the same thing about your current desktop solution. To turn your computer on and have all of your data and applications in one place. You have to maintain, protect, backup everything yourself. That type of operation is costly, rigid, and demanding.

In ten years, you will assume you can work from anywhere and not have to worry about how that system is maintained. When you outsource your IT to the cloud, you will have more time, money, and flexibility than ever before. Doing it the old way, having the operator in-house, will seem like an absurd throwback to the past.

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