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A Holiday Present for Everyone in Your Company

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Technology is a powerful force in virtually every company today. In fact, we like to say, “Every Business is a Technology Business.” Can you imagine running your company without a computer? Without email? Without a website? (Actually, you would be amazed at how many small businesses (very small businesses) still don’t have websites. We are not web-designers, but…somebody wake these people up!)

Technology makes us more productive, more accurate, more responsive to market changes and customer needs, but it can also increase risk. Getting the most out of technology, while still keeping your business safe and secure, is a true balancing act, not meant for the faint of heart. What can go wrong? Computers can crash, data can disappear or be stolen/encrypted, networks can shut down, etc.

Assuming the people who work for your company are honest, hard-working and like to be productive while accomplishing great things for your business, any of these situations can be deeply troubling, especially if they are reoccurring. But many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t want to address this problem pro-actively. In other words, they wait until something goes wrong, then they react…they call what are known in the industry as “break and fix” IT services. Something breaks, they come and fix. The more things break, the more money they make. By the way, sooner or later, things do break.

As a company grows, they often hire an in-house IT guy. We think that’s great. But there is still a problem in that technology is so complex these days that no single in-house IT person can possibly have all the expertise needed, nor can he keep up with the changes that occur on a daily basis. So let’s look at an IT solution that works whether you have been calling the break and fix people, or have an IT person (or even your own team.)

For those companies that do not have an in-house person, a fully staffed managed IT service provider is probably the answer. Unfortunately, too many business owners assume this is costly and never even look into it. Sad. The reality is that using this type of service, on a fixed monthly fee basis, usually costs the same, or even less, than what they have been doing. By properly maintaining the client’s equipment, there are fewer break-downs, fewer service calls, and longer equipment life-spans. Think of it this way: Since the IT Service provider is obligated to fix computers, servers, networks, etc., doesn’t it make sense that it is in their best interest to make sure that everything is always functioning at peak performance? It does.

For those companies that have one or more in-house IT people, they find that by using managed IT support, their in-house people are freed up to work on higher level projects, while the IT service can repair equipment, handled help-desk issues, and constantly monitor, manage and maintain the company’s IT infrastructure. Not only that, the right provider will have a full staff of certified technicians and management personnel that can handle almost any problem, as well as be available for technology consultations to plan for the future.

So as for the holiday present, think about how happy your sales people will be knowing that their online sales tools are always available, think about how happy your customer service people will be knowing that they can take care of your customers, think about how happy your accountant will be knowing that IT problems will not impact your bottom line, and think about how happy you and your IT people will be knowing that your IT network is running quietly and smoothly in the background, there when anyone and everyone needs it. That should help you sleep at night, and can you ask for a better present than that?

DynaSis has been providing IT support to the Atlanta small to mid-sized business community since 1992. The “DynaTeam” of 55 professionals, including 30+ highly trained engineers, provides live top level coverage 24 / 7 / 365. We can be reached at or (678) 373-0716.

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