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Have You Scheduled Your Quarterly Business Review?

By the DynaSis Team
Across the board, IT experts recommend that organizations conduct quarterly business reviews (QBRs). Whether these transpire with internal IT staff and key company stakeholders or between third-party IT providers and those same stakeholders, they are crucial to keeping an IT plan on track.

Why is this? To be most effective and help a company drive productivity and ROI, firms need their IT plans to be proactive, not reactive. IT plans need to reflect what is on the company’s horizon―and where leadership wants the business to go. With this information, IT staff and consultants can help a company make better decisions during budgeting, or when unexpected purchasing opportunities (such as a hardware failure or expiring software license) arise.

QBRs are also a time for company stakeholders and their IT staff and/or vendors to reevaluate priorities, and reflect on how emerging trends or interesting new developments might change the trajectory of the firm and its IT plans.

So, how do they work? For DynaSis’ customers, Quarterly Business Reviews take place with their Technical Account Manager (TAM). During the QBR, the TAM asks about the firm’s current and future business initiatives to determine how DynaSis (and technology, overall) can best support them. At the conclusion of the event, the TAM has collected enough information to ensure DynaSis is up to speed on your business goals and can help the firm align its IT programs and plans with those goals.

QBRs are not a forum to discuss upcoming projects, or ticket resolution or any other detail of your service plan. And they are certainly not a time when a vendor should try to sell a firm on purchasing more products or services.

We have discovered that when DynaSis stays informed about its clients’ long-term plans and objectives―and when we learn, early on, about any shifts in their business directions―we can better help them plan for that future. This often includes preventing IT missteps or making advance decisions that avert unnecessary downtime and expenditures.

If you are not conducting QBRs, we urge you to incorporate them into your IT calendars. And, if you are a DynaSis customer, when your TAM calls to request your next QBR, we hope you will look forward to the discussion and be excited about scheduling a meeting.

To learn more about QBRs (or to initiate a meeting if you already work with us), please fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at 678.218.1769.

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