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Flexibility with the Cloud

by Chas Arnold, Partner and Executive Vice President

Chas Arnold

Ever need to connect to your office PC from the road? Access your files from your phone? Well wait no longer. Cloud computing is giving way to amazing flexibility never seen before. For instance, it no longer matters what device you use to access your files, where you access them, or where the information resides. It’s all possible using cloud computing technology so you can work faster and more efficiently.

It no longer matters what type of hardware is powering your cloud. Now that data and infrastructure are centrally located and delivered via the Internet, you can use any device to connect to your cloud. Whether you are a PC user or a Mac user, you can now work without compatibility issues. So go ahead, connect to your cloud using your windows mobile phone, your iPad, Macbook, or PC. The cloud delivers a uniform experience across all devices and access points, so you can please both your Mac gurus and traditional PC users in the office.

With the cloud, it no longer matters where you access your information. Since you can connect using any device, you can connect anywhere there is Internet access. Work from the café, airplane, or at home in your slippers. The cloud gives you the flexibility to work where you are, freeing you from the ball and chain of the “office computer”. Work is where you are, not somewhere you go.

You can choose where your information resides with the power of the cloud.Instead of your data located at your office on your servers, cloud computing allows you to house your mission critical servers in a secured location. Before, you didn’t have the choice on where servers and equipment resided. Expensive server room equipment was left unguarded in a closet and accessible to any employee. But now as the number of cloud providers grow, you can choose where your information will live. World-class providers offer cloud storage, allowing you to place your most sensitive assets in secured facilities, managed and monitored around the clock.

The clouds makes allows you to work more efficiently and gives you a multitude of options. Added flexibility will help you boost productivity, saving you precious time and money. DynaSis is a provider of cloud computing solutions. For more information visit or call 770.882.2432

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