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Everybody Is In The Technology Business

David J. Moorman

Look at how United Parcel Service (UPS) markets themselves, they are a, "logistics company." Years ago, they were a packaging company with emphasis on the people that make UPS. Delivered with a friendly smile from a clean brown truck. The reality is much different. Sending packages involves data input, retrieval, bar-codes, scanners, GPS, and coordinating people, planes, trains, and automobiles. There are far more machines and technology running operations, than people. At some point in UPS’s history they realized moving things from Point A to Point B wasn't just a matter of a fit person picking up a package and dropping it off.

For at least 15 years, UPS has known that they are a technology business. It's only recent that they've come out to the public admitting it. Prior to this, customers liked the thought that a crystal chandelier might go through a different process than an office chair. Maybe, they thought, someone would dust the chandelier and handle it with white gloves. Fortunately, this isn't the case, a modern day shipping logistics system is capable of transporting both items equally as well, no white gloves are required. Customers have embraced the fact that in order to send packages, the shipping company needs to be high-tech. Technology in business is now viewed as a strength. If a company is leveraging technology to its fullest, you can count on them to be around in the future. Not embracing technology, in an onlookers opinion, is a sign a business can't adapt to the "new normal" global economy.

Embracing technology as an important part of your business can be both liberating and terrifying. Yes, there will be less of a human component in parts of your business as you gain efficiencies. Technology is already replacing the work of many people in many industries and the ratio will continue to grow. On the other hand, it also means that an individual is capable of much more production on their own assuming they accept change.

It’s time to start facing the reality that you are in the technology business. No one will hold it against you, instead, it should come as a relief. Customers count on you to lead the way, and to be there in the future.

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