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Email Archiving and What to Look For

by Andrew Dunlop, VP of Web Services

Chas ArnoldOver the past few years, email has become an integral part of the business
workflow. As you well know email inboxes can easily get out of control. Space on the mail server is at a premium and saving emails only to a local machine risks lost data, and deleting historic messages isn’t an option. Email archiving is an easy solution to store all your historic emails.
A ‘true’ email archiving system automatically extracts message contents and attachments from incoming/outgoing emails and after indexing, it stores them in read-only format. This ensures that archived records are maintained in their original state.

Important items to include in any email archive shopping list should include:

Scalability: storage should be easy to increase as the business grows

Relieving storage demands: An archiving solution should relieve the storage demands on the main mail server, leaving it free to process incoming and outgoing mail.

Powerful search & retrieval: Basic and advanced searching of the archive, reducing the time to locate emails.

Disaster recovery features: Mirroring and auto-replication of emails providing disaster recovery for email data.

Ease of Use: An email archiving solution should be easy for all users to use.

Installation and support: The solution you choose should be relatively simple to install and should provide support when you need it.

With costs for email recovery from traditional backups rising considerably, email archiving products can assist with reducing administration costs associated with managing email storage. Using the above “must have” list will help you pick a solution that is right for your company.

The DynaSis Cryoserver product has been developed with many years of email archive knowledge and experience to offer a proven, reliable quality email archiving product that is designed to be installed in minutes and reliably protect your email forever. Contact DynaSis to learn more about email archiving. 770.882.2432

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