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Dedication to Cloud Service

By David Moorman, President, DynaSis

 Image Name There are many definitions of cloud services and many providers today are offering some variation of the cloud as a service. In its simplest definition Wikipedia states, “Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand.” Since the gain of its popularity, the cloud has become a major buzzword in the industry. Just about everyone has some sort of “cloud” service.  As a business consumer, you should make sure the cloud service you get comes from a reputable provider with a commitment to the technology and not just a fly-by-night company. One of the signs you can tell a provider is truly a reliable cloud provider is their dedication to innovation. At DynaSis I strive to stay on the leading edge of the technology in order to prove my commitment. Our ITility by DynaSis service was first offered five years ago and has undergone constant improvements since its launch. Unlike others, we have dedicated the time to working out the bugs in the service and making it one that best serves our clients. I’m always looking for new uses for technology to help the businesses I work with gain a competitive advantage in their industry, and I see the cloud as a major key to doing that.

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