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Are Your Company’s Files Secure? They Are with DynaSis BLUE

By the DynaSis Team

With the unrelenting news about successful cyber-attacks, many of our customers are asking us, “Are we vulnerable?” Cybersecurity is a complex issue, but fortunately it has some fairly straightforward solutions, if you know where to look.

One issue that complicates matters is file storage. Many organizational leaders assume that if they store company files only on local (on-premise) servers and do not provide access to them remotely, their files will be secure.

The reality is very different―many cyber-thefts involve data harvested from local servers over Internet connections. If your company hosts a website or is otherwise connected to the Internet, you may be vulnerable. Locking down your data to a local resource only hampers productivity and mobility. It doesn’t automatically make you safe.

One of the most secure solutions for data that does enable remote file sharing, collaboration and other productivity boosters is a secure, private (e.g. corporate) cloud. With this approach, your data and other digital assets remain on your local servers. You provide access to them as if they were in a public cloud environment, yet you control the stringency of security and access.

To help our clients realize the benefits of such an approach, DynaSis offers a secure, affordable, private-cloud storage and sharing solution, DynaSis BLUE. BLUE was built from the ground-up as a highly secure, accountable business productivity tool that incorporates 448-bit Blowfish encryption, two-factor authentication, full auditability and granular user-access and security controls.

With BLUE, organizations enjoy absolute control over which data remote workers can view and share, with DynaSis enabling cloud-based access for only those documents and folders the client company designates. BLUE also includes comprehensive, 100% synchronized backups that replicate to DynaSis’ state-of-the-art, exceptionally secure data centers.

To deploy BLUE, our technicians install a tiny, secure software agent (essentially, an “app,”) on a client’s file server and then configure the in-house cloud environment to meet the customer’s specifications. BLUE enables firms to reap the benefits of remote file sharing and collaboration without compromising security. BLUE also eliminates the financial barriers to private cloud adoption, is easy to deploy, has low impact on system resources and does not require any special server configuration.

If you haven’t checked out BLUE yet, we’d be happy to schedule an evaluation for you, at your convenience. To learn more, fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at (770) 569-4600.

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