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Are You Onboard the VoIP Train?

By the DynaSis Team

In August 2014, a new study about small and medium business (SMB) adoption of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol―also known as Internet calling) was released by Software Advice. The results were so compelling we thought we’d share them with you.

The study found that although SMBs still rely heavily on landlines (31%) and mobile phones (13%) as their sole business telecommunications medium, VoIP is now the frontrunner. Of the 350 SMB owners surveyed, 42% have already adopted VoIP for at least some of their phone communications and 57% indicated they were currently exploring VoIP solutions for the first time.

Perhaps more important for the future of VoIP in the business market were the reasons these business owners cited for exploring VoIP. Seventeen percent of respondents said they were experiencing reliability issues with their current phone systems and felt VoIP would be more reliable. Another 15% said their current solution had outgrown the business, and a VoIP system would be more scalable, and an equal percentage thought VoIP would be more affordable.

Coming in a close fourth was “increased functionality,” with 14% of business owners citing this reason for evaluating a VoIP platform. Finally, respondents overwhelmingly preferred a hosted (cloud-based) solution to an on-premise one, a move that is proven to increase reliability (assuming the business uses a quality provider).

We consider these results pretty amazing, given that only a few weeks earlier, Software Advice published another report that indicated 71% of consumers could not even define VoIP, and many had serious concerns about its reliability. In other words, the small business owners had a much better handle on VoIP and its benefits than did their consumer counterparts.

This is great news for both business owners and VoIP providers, because VoIP technology truly does deliver exactly the results that these business owners anticipate. VoIP provides companies with an amazing arsenal of special features, including automated attendant (the top feature SMB owners wanted), voice mail to email, Internet faxing, remote location services and more.

Furthermore, VoIP systems are more readily scalable than traditional landlines and more affordable than mobile-only platforms. Moreover, when a VoIP solution is hosted, business owners have the confidence of greater reliability―and a partner that is managing the service. If you have not looked at VoIP yet, or you are considering making the switch to a new provider, we’d love the opportunity to discuss the technology with you. DynaSis has partnered with some VoIP providers who are truly turning the industry on its ear. To learn more, fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at (770) 569-4600.

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