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5 Ways Virtualization Saves Money

Virtualization is a high tech sounding word, but for most businesses it translates into a great way to save money, increasing reliability and improving your bottom line. The goal of virtualization as a technology is to centralize administrative tasks and support while improving scalability and efficiency. It’s serves as a way to do more with less. You will have:

1. Less Hardware

Hardware investment is one of the most expensive components of a businesses IT infrastructure. After thousands of dollars spent, the hardware depreciates and becomes obsolete in a blink of an eye. Virtualization allows businesses to centralize their hardware so that more software can be run on fewer machines. Without the steep cost of investment, your money can be spent on other forms of IT that offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

2. Better management and support

Less machines means less support to keep everything running. Not only will you need less support to tend to your IT, but those who do will have far more power at their fingertips. With the servers virtualized, your support team will be able to accomplish all of their IT tasks remotely and closely monitor all of the activity. Spending less time on servers means having the ability to spend more time   users. Since virtualization does not rely on the performance of any one machine, it can be easily moved about. Therefor, upgrades, patches, and installations can occur seamlessly without the need to turn machines on and off. Scheduled down times becomes unnecessary.

3. More Flexibility

Having a virtualized infrastructure gives businesses the ability to easily evolve their technology. Scalability is inherent in virtualized environments. So downsizing and growing will not dramatically impact the cost of your IT. In fact, decreased cost and downtime will shore up resources for new technologies that provide more benefits.

4. More Security

Less support and less machinery increases your overall security. Since your IT is controlled in a defined space with a small group of people, monitoring network activity for malicious activity is easily manageable. When anomalies are detected, isolating, quarantining, and fixing the problem will ensure that it does not effect all of your IT operations.

Simple IT

Virtualization is a technology that boasts that less is more mentality. By using less hardware servers you have the ability to receive more power, flexibility, and security. All the while, you are also using less money to get you there. At DynaSis, we are a proud provider of virtualization support and services. Anything that helps to make your IT profitable is our bottom line. It’s as simple as that. Check out our Ascend Hybrid-Cloud Solution to see how we can upgrade your infrastructure leveraging virtualization.

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