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3 Consequences Of Under-Performing IT

by David J. Moorman

Many people learn to live with those old Windows computer that take 10 Minutes to boot. Sometimes, they can even learn to put up with taking 5 minutes to open a Word document. It’s clear to see how bad computers can result in poor performance. Slow computers are what most people think of when they imagine what a failing IT infrastructure looks like. When we talk about the costs of under-performing IT, it doesn't mean your computers don’t run as well as they should. What it does mean is that:

You Lose Productivity From Employees

Slow computers are one thing, but there are also undesirable consequences to limiting employees’ ability to work remotely. Though they are in denial, most people know and understand that employees will do personal activities during work hours. But, your IT solution shouldn't limit an employee’s ability to do work activities during their personal hours. Work life is 24 x 7 these days; take advantage of it.

Having the ability to work remotely improves your employees’ quality of life. They can stay home sick, without getting the rest of the office sick, and still accomplish all of their work. When they can’t sleep at night, they can login and accomplish the things they used to be unable to from home. When employees are anchored to the office in order to work, you lose productivity.

You Can Damage Your Brand

If your IT system begins to break down, the effects can be noticed by your customers. A real world example happened a few years ago during the recession. A high-end country club was feeling the crunch and started cutting corners. One of the corners cut was their IT system. As a result, their system would randomly lose orders patrons had placed. Servers would bring out the food and a plate would be missing. Other people would come in only to find out their tee time hadn’t registered in the system. A place that used to be viewed as prestigious was noticeably looking like they were just scraping-by.

You Can Lose Customers And Revenue

If your employees are underutilized and customers see a blemished brand, you can lose revenue. Waiting until its to late to improve your IT is an uphill battle. With lost revenues, having to make an investment or major change adds insult to injury. It’s always best to improve upon IT proactively than to cut corners and later realize how much damage has been done. Like most things in life, a proactive solution is better than a reactive solution.

IT Can Be A Strength

Many people find technology to be a burden because they only realize their dependence when it  malfunctions. We should always keep in mind how much IT has improved business overall. Most businesses can’t function at all without some sort of computer system. Instead of viewing IT as a blessing and a curse, realize that it’s mostly a blessing. Under-performing IT is a result of not recognizing it’s importance within your business. If you make your IT a high priority, it can take you years ahead of your competition. Otherwise, if you don’t, it can take you out of business.

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