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2015: The Year of Hybrid IT; Data-Driven Business Improvement

By the DynaSis Team

The approach of a new year always brings a bevy of predictions for what will happen in IT, many of which fit our idea of “pie in the sky.” This year, however, two in particular caught our eye.

  1. Managed service providers (MSPs) and co-location providers will flourish with hybrid IT offerings.

This prediction, from Lazarus Vekiarides, CTO of ClearSky Data (an early-stage enterprise infrastructure firm), gave us a sense of accomplishment. Hybrid IT offerings are those that have a cloud component and an on-premise component, for example, a data server at the office with hosted Microsoft Exchange in the cloud. DynaSis has been promoting hybrid IT solutions for years, including our Ascend offering, so we read this with a sense of real satisfaction. Remember folks; you heard it here, first.

On a more serious note, hybrid offerings give companies the best of both worlds, allowing them to enjoy the security of retaining storage and control of their primary data, at their location, but allowing cloud-based delivery, retrieval and often backup of as much data as makes them comfortable. On a related note, Vekiarides also predicted that the Hybrid Internet (an approach that uses both the Internet and local networks, both wired and wireless, for data and solution delivery and exchange) will support more hybrid cloud deployments, bridging the gap between public and private clouds.

  1. Corporate IT silos will disappear.

This one, from Gaurav Rewari, CEO and co-founder of business analytics firm Numerify, Inc., caught us a bit by surprise. It’s not that we think IT silos are a good thing (we don’t). Rather, we don’t think they will go away, that quickly. IT silos are individual, often departmentally aligned data stores, applications and functions in enterprises that are not accessible or interconnected for the benefit of the entire business. They make it difficult for a business to work in the most productive manner, possible, let alone to attain any level of agility.

Rewari predicts that in 2015, solutions and platforms will help businesses achieve better integration of their data in numerous ways, breaking down those silos. He specifically cited customer relations management (CRM) software and IT system data collection and analysis.

We have helped some of our customers select advanced CRM tools with business analytics, but for many, the daily grind of producing still gets in the way, hence our skepticism here.

In the area of IT system data, however, we see a very bright future. For more than a decade, DynaSis has been providing its customers with significant value through our Digital Veins service, monitoring data collected from myriad customer systems to identify and resolve issues.

Recent developments in the technologies that surround this effort are giving us more ways to help those customers than ever before. These customers stand as living proof that this approach saves money, reduces downtime and increases productivity and security.

A final prediction that interested us, also from Rewari, was that IT will shed its “Department of No” image demonstrating the value of IT to the C-suite. Every day, we hear from firms whose IT Managers need our help to accomplish their tasks, but executive management doesn’t see the value. We look forward to seeing that dynamic change, so we can help those folks be more productive.

Do these predictions interest you? Would you like to learn more? To explore the possibilities or see how DynaSis is already achieving both predictions for its customers, please give us a call.

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