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Office 365 Features You Should be Using

Office 365 Powermap 1

Now that you have made the switch, there are Office 365 features should be using. Yes, old habits die hard, so it is very likely that everyone on your team is continuing to use “O365” the same way you have been using the desktop-only application for years. That would be most unfortunate because many of the new Office 365 Features offer an opportunity to make everyone on your team much more productive...and improve network security.

Let’s look at a few:

1: Real-Time Co-authoring. In Word, Excel and PowerPoint, online collaboration becomes much more effective. When you save your files to OneDrive or SharePoint, your colleagues can work along with you, actually seeing each other’s changes as they are made.

2: Chat with Your Co-Workers right in O365. Skype in now built right into O365 and you can use it to chat, share your screens, as well as have audio and/or video chats with your cohorts…and you do it right there in the application you are using.

3: Instead of attaching files to emails, insert links into your emails that allow your co-workers to access the files right from the cloud. You can set up proper permissions, even allowing the person to whom you are emailing the right to make changes to the file. Of course, you can change permissions at any time.

4: OneNote notes can be easily converted to Outlook calendar events for yourself, or assign them to co-workers, even adding reminders and/or deadlines. You can also use OneNote to take meeting notes, then add details such as attendees, dates, etc., and distribute by email.

5: Your mouse can become a laser pointer for PowerPoint presentations. It just takes a simple keyboard shortcut. This is one of the very cool Office 365 features.

6: PowerMap Turns Data into a Map. This is a powerful “data visualization tool” that converts data into a solution that helps with analyzing and sharing data. In the image at the top of this blog, data about a certain condition within the 50 states was converted into a map showing each state in the color representing the value of that condition. It can be used for sales, opportunities, population, weather events or for a virtually unlimited number of possibilities.

To learn more and watch a short video on Office 365, CLICK HERE.

Keep checking back. We will be covering a lot more really cool features of Office 365 in the near future.

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