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Get an Assesment

With this knowledge, both the IT professional and the business entrepreneur can make strategic and tactical decisions regarding network upgrades and updates. You will also have a permanent, in-depth record of your existing network setup that will reduce the cost and complexity of resolving network issues, including a cost-effective road map to achieving the improvements you desire.

We can also provide a Strategic Technology Report in which we look at 171 points and provide a reduced cost locked-in fee for recommended upgrades.

Every business can benefit from an IT Assessment. You need one if:

  • You are having IT issues that affect productivity.
  • You are managing IT yourself but feel you have little actual knowledge of your IT infrastructure.
  • You are not happy with your current outsourced provider and want to begin the process of “taking back” your network.
  • You want to identify potential areas of weakness and risk.
  • You want an accounting of all discoverable IT assets and users.
  • You just don’t know what shape your IT infrastructure is in!
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