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Site surveys and heat mapping for an optimized wireless network


DynaSis is your trusted local provider of wireless network site surveys and heat mapping services for companies in the Douglasville, GA area. Wireless technology is changing rapidly. Our expert network engineers will ensure your wireless network is set up for reliable, optimal connectivity, no matter where users are on your premises. Contact us today for a free quote.

About wireless site surveys and heat mapping services

An efficient, high-performing wireless network implementation does not happen accidentally. Best practices for a successful wireless network rollout call for a site survey and potentially a heat map to be created prior to procurement of the equipment. In a site survey, our trained expert engineers will consult floor plans and other detailed information to analyze your environment and recommend the best equipment to purchase, the number of access points needed and the most optimal location for them. 

Additionally, your business may require a heat map, which is a color-coded map of signal strength juxtaposed on a floor plan, generated using wireless radio frequency (RF) signals. Generally, the colors range from green to red, where areas in green denote excellent coverage and bandwidth. 

wireless network survey

Heat mapping for greater efficiency

heat map uses actual RF signals to determine where to place the access points, whereas a site survey will typically use floor plans and additional data. Unlike a site survey, a heat map considers: 
  • Interference from nearby electrical equipment.
  • Building materials, including the presence of glass, steel, concrete and even water.
  • Nearby wireless networks that may cause interference.
  • Population of the office, particularly in gathering spaces (conference rooms, etc.) 

Our customized approach to wireless networking

Gone are the days of a consumer-grade router sitting in the corner of the office sending out Wi-Fi. Today’s office is technology packed. It is not uncommon for employees to account for three to five wireless devices each. The rapid implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the proliferation of wireless audiovisual technology means that even small to mid-sized businesses often need an enterprise-class wireless network. The last thing you want is to experience sporadic coverage in your conference room while pitching a client.

Wireless Network Site Survey Heat Mapping Services

A site survey or a heat map that has been analyzed by our expert network engineers can consider the materials the conference room is constructed of the maximum number of people the room will hold and other environmental factors to recommend a solution that works every time. 

Using the heat map, our engineers can tune your wireless network to lower the gain of edge-mounted access points and contain the wireless signal within the business perimeter for additional security. A heat map will also indicate the potential for signal congestion and allow our engineer to change the access point’s channel or frequency for added efficiency. 

Why choose DynaSis?

The technology landscape contains an increasing amount of IT threats and vulnerabilities and we trust Fortinet to deliver superior security protection and functionality.

Contact us today to learn more about how Fortinet can benefit your business! 

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