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Get Optimal Efficiency and Mobility From Your Wireless Network


DynaSis is your trusted local wireless network installation and wireless network support and consulting company in the Decatur, GA area. Our wireless networking consultants ensure that your wireless network is set up correctly for continuous, reliable performance, and stays that way. Contact us today!

What to expect during your wireless network installation

To ensure optimal performance and maximum throughput, your wireless network installation must be done right the first time. Otherwise, you may have to deal with Wi-Fi failures repeatedly, which can adversely impact business operations.

There are various reasons Wi-Fi installations fail. It could be as a result of insufficient capacity, poor coverage or placement, interference issues or bad design. This is why wireless network installations should only be handled by experts with years of experience in the industry. 

Here’s what to expect when you trust DynaSis with your wireless network installation: 
wireless network survey
Wireless network consulting services

Before commencing a wireless installation project, our experts will conduct a wireless survey. Wireless surveys help to identify optimum locations for mesh nodes and access points for effective coverage and optimal performance. 

We will work with you to understand your expectations and requirements before the survey is conducted. This helps facilitate proper assessment of the coverage area. For instance, will the wireless network run VoIP? If so, what capabilities and systems are you looking to leverage? 

Before your wireless network installation project commences, we will consult with you on any preferences you may have for equipment models or manufacturers of components such as firewalls, switches or access points, or we can make the appropriate recommendations. 

This enables our team of professionals to take them into consideration when drawing up design and building the budget.

Pre-configuration of equipment

Our expert installation professionals ensure that all pieces of wireless equipment are pre-configured before installation at the client site. This reduces the overall time required for installation so that you only experience minimum disruption to daily business activities. 

Wireless network support services

Once the equipment is installed, various installation and signal coverage tests are carried out to ensure that the wireless network meets or surpasses performance and throughput requirements. Based on the findings, we may tweak the configuration setting to facilitate optimal performance.  With our managed services, we can also instantly start monitoring your WiFi network to ensure that it remains at peak performance levels and that your company’s WAN connection (internet connectivity) and LAN performance is not compromised.

Why choose DynaSis?

The technology landscape contains an increasing amount of IT threats and vulnerabilities and we trust Fortinet to deliver superior security protection and functionality.

Contact us today to learn more about how Fortinet can benefit your business! 

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