What You Need to Know About Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Small to mid-sized organizations need to focus on their core business to stay competitive. However, part of the competitive nature of modern business means that you need to apply technology to give you better communication options, offer new ways of working, and offer ways to digitally transform your business. If you are a supply-chain member, technology is also crucial for making you competitive and accessible across the chain.

But technology needs management. The issue with managing technology for the small to mid-sized organization is that it has a large management overhead. This can translate into serious issues impacting your time and requiring specialist skills. Technology is important in business, but it has downsides if not incorporated into a business correctly. A report that looked at data from the National Archives found that 93 percent of companies, that lost their data center for 10 days or more, filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

Chances are your organization will struggle to recruit the right level of skilled employees to manage IT services in your organization. In the U.S. and Atlanta, there is a serious lack of IT skills with 83 percent of companies reporting a shortage of skilled staff. This skills gap is even more acute in areas such as cybersecurity where, according to industry expert (ISC)2, there is expected to be a gap of 498,000 workers in North America.

Managed IT services and managed IT support offer you a way to maintain a competitive-edge using technology, without the overhead. A managed IT services provider like DynaSis in Atlanta, has the in-team expertise to manage all of your IT support and service needs; DynaSis is your business partner for all of your IT needs.

Why Use DynaSis Managed IT Services in Atlanta?

DynaSis: The Right Choice for Your IT Support

The modern business has many challenges. One of those challenges is making the most of what modern technology can offer. Information technology done right can transform a business, opening up new opportunities and ways to innovate. However, research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that productivity has dropped since 2007 – coincidentally (or perhaps not) this was when the Apple iPhone was introduced.

While we improve general business processes and supply chain communications, for example, we are often having to babysit technology. This is where DynaSis managed IT services and IT support show true value.

But IT support isn’t about holding a user’s hand while they renew a lost password. Effective IT support is a process. It starts at initial installation decisions and setup, all the way through to helping with day-to-day support problems and beyond.

Using an outsourced group that has expertise in IT support and IT services, should be an extended arm of your business. DynaSis works to become a trusted partner and one that feels like a seamless business associate for all your technology management and needs.

Managed IT Services, IT Support, and Cloud Computing in Atlanta: DynaSis Bridging the Gap

DynaSis managed IT services in Atlanta can help you to take full advantage of new technologies. We ensure you optimize your technology use, removing the pain of ownership.

DynaSis: The Right Choice for Your IT Support

Cloud computing is an area that has seen rapid adoption by SMBs. Cloud services such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft Office 365, offer accessible applications and advanced communications at a low cost. This is being borne out by the public Cloud market growing by 21.4 percent in 2018, as SMBs take on more Cloud computing and use applications in the Cloud. Cloud is a truly transforming technology that makes work processes easier and facilitates remote working. Public Cloud computing is cheaper than running a data center too. Because of this, uptake of Cloud computing has been rapid, especially by smaller organizations.

However, transforming technologies such as Cloud computing are a major change in working practices, and a challenge to manage for a smaller organization. This management challenge is worsened by cybersecurity issues, data governance, and far-reaching data protection regulations and laws. This mix of management and the specialized skills needed to implement and configure technology is creating a perfect storm for the small to mid-sized organization.

DynaSis IT support and managed services are there to bridge the gap between using new technologies and maintaining and managing them.

What Managed IT Services are Offered by DynaSis in Atlanta?

If you decide to use managed IT services, you should expect to work in partnership with your chosen IT services and support company. The managed service offering from your chosen vendor, must match the needs of your business and support your business operations. DynaSis can offer a level of expertise in IT managed services that perfectly complement the specific needs of your organization. We have deep knowledge of locale-specific requirements as well as your industry sector needs.

Typically, when using a managed IT services vendor, you should expect to benefit across a number of business areas, including:

  • Reduced IT support costs by using outsourced managed services
  • Improved productivity as your company focuses on your core business
  • Minimized risk in a changing cybersecurity landscape
  • Lifecycle management of equipment and services, and upkeep as technology changes
  • Meeting compliance requirements, such as data protection laws

Below we take a look at four managed IT service areas offered by DynaSis in more detail.

Managed IT Service #1: Managed IT Support in Atlanta

Let’s face it, IT support is a headache. The phrase “switch it off, then switch it on again” has entered our common language as a joke to fix anything. But the truth is, we need IT support to keep business operations ticking along without too much interruption. If your staff can’t get access to an application, it means lost work time and, it might even mean loosing business. Good, timely IT support, is worth its weight in gold.

DynaSis IT support offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Technology decision support
  • Installation of equipment and software configuration
  • Maintains your service delivery
  • 24/7/365 help desk support with experienced professionals
  • Network monitoring, back-ups, and security
  • Amazing uptime for Cloud datacenters which scale as and when you need them

DynaSis Atlanta tech support is a helping hand that uses a partnership approach to the IT support we give you. We keep your technology systems working at their best, so you don’t have to worry about technology going wrong.

Managed IT Service #2: Managed Cloud Services in Atlanta

Cloud services allow SMBs to use applications in a more cost-effective way. Having a well-managed and fined tuned Cloud offering will reduce your IT infrastructure costs. As remote working increases in popularity, Cloud computing, including Managed Cloud apps like Office 365, offer you a way to improve productivity by being able to facilitate remote working in your organization.

DynaSis managed Cloud services ensures that your Cloud computing environment operates efficiently, effectively, and securely. The DynaSis Business Cloud is able to:

  • Dynamically scale: You only pay for what you need.
  • Integrated IT-Cloud service: All of our IT support options come with our managed Cloud services.
  • Easy transition to the Cloud: Our experts ensures that your move to the Cloud is seamless for your business and your staff.
  • Peak performance: We believe that the SMB deserves an enterprise-class infrastructure to compete. DynaSis operates only enterprise-level Cloud services.
  • State-of-the-art security: Our datacenter is secure and meets data protection laws and regulations.
  • Disaster recovery: Using our offsite data backup you can feel confident that if disaster does strike, DynaSis can get you up and running, quickly.

Managed IT Service #3: Managed Cyber Security Services in Atlanta

The cybersecurity landscape is a major concern for all companies, across all sectors of industry. Cyber-threats such as ransomware, phishing, W-2 scams, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are causing major issues. In 2016, there was a ransomware attack on a business every 40 seconds. According to the FBI, BEC, where a business is tricked into sending money to a hacker, has cost businesses $3.7 billion so far. The stakes are high. DynaSis offers a number of packages that cover everything from cybersecurity threat mitigation to making sure you are ready for compliance checks.

Security: Managed cybersecurity services from DynaSis can give your organization access to highly skilled security professionals. We know cybersecurity inside and out. Keeping your company safe from cybersecurity threats is a process. DynaSis works using a layered-security approach. We work with you to understand your business and where your exposure lies. We can then advise on and implement effective techniques and technologies, making sure your data and your IT infrastructure is safe.

Compliance: DynaSis managed compliance services are tailored to your industry area. Many industries from financial to consumer data to Protected Health Information (PHI) have specific regulations and laws that they must comply with. Non-compliance can result in large fines. In the United States, all 50 states, as well as District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, have laws which require a company to notify customers and others if a security breach involving personal data occurs. DynaSis meets numerous certifications and standards to deliver your compliance needs. This includes our data centers being certified under PCI-DSS compliance, the Safe-Harbor program, and HIPAA/HITECH.

Managed IT Service #4: Managed Data Services in Atlanta

Data is an intrinsic part of every business. From Intellectual property to sensitive financial data to customer information, the data we collect, share, and store needs to be looked after. Businesses who do not take due care of data end up with data breach fines and lost custom due to reputation damage. A study by Ponemon found that 65 percent of consumers lost trust in an organization that suffered a data breach.

The option to outsource your data governance to managed data services helps to alleviate the worry of data protection. Using dedicated, managed data services, across the security and data sharing gap, will keep your business running while ensuring privacy and data security are upheld.

DynaSis offers a number of key data services to SMBs to keep their data flowing securely, including:

  • Secure data backup and recovery of data
  • Data storage using an enterprise-class data center
  • DynaSis Blue, our data-sync service which ensures data security and privacy while syncing between all of your devices, keeping your workforce working

DynaSis: The Right Choice for Your IT Support

About DynaSis

DynaSis is Atlanta’s leading provider of outsourcing solutions. Our managed IT services and tech support services are designed to take the strain out of looking after an IT infrastructure. Our managed services are specifically suited to the needs of the small to mid-size businesses. These services include management of servers, storage, backups, networks, databases, security, and data centers. We work with more than 200 business customers across a broad range of industries.

At DynaSis, we strive to be more than an IT partner; we become a business partner to each and every one of our clients. Our goal is to take the IT management load from our business partners’ shoulders, giving your business the ability to use technology optimally to build a competitive advantage. Technology, managed well, will lead to increased efficiency and productivity, with almost zero downtime, and, most importantly, cost savings.

Call us now at 770-629-9615 to see why DynaSis is the right choice for your IT Support!

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