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DynaSis Warns of Fake Anti-Virus Software, Releases Prevention Tips

Roswell, GA February 19, 2010 -- DynaSis, an IT services company serving small and midsized businesses in Atlanta, is warning its clients of an increase in the use of fake anti-virus software as a form of malware attack. In response to this growing trend, DynaSis today released a list of prevention tips and methods of spotting a rogue antivirus program.

Use of fake anti-virus, anti-spyware software is a fast-growing scam, especially as more people become aware of the dangers of spyware, adware and malware. Fake antivirus programs, or scareware, are very common and provide a way for scammers to make easy money. The scammers prey on the fears of Web surfers who are misled into believing their systems are infected and then pay, typically, $50 for a program that not only doesn't protect their computers, but often turns out to be malicious. By following the tips DynaSis provides, however, users will be better protected from becoming the victim of scammers, identity thieves and hackers.

Brad Bromelow, Vice President of Operations for DynaSis said, “We need to tell users how to avoid being socially engineered into installing malware. This type of attack is very prevalent, as we’ve seen more attacks than ever over the past 3-6 months. Educating our client base is the best defense. These prevention tips will help alleviate the headaches associated with fake-antivirus attacks.”

Some of the major antivirus companies have even seen their websites spoofed over the last couple of months. In many respects, this is as much an attack on the security community as it is on end users.

Some general security practices to avoid malware attacks include not opening attachments from unknown senders, changing passwords regularly, and using additional measures such as firewalls or anti-spam software. The complete list of prevention tips for fake antivirus attacks along with a common list of fake software can be found online by visiting

DynaSis is a managed IT service provider servicing small and medium sized businesses in the Atlanta area since 1992. DynaSis specializes in managed IT service plans, managed hosting and professional equipment installation. For more information about DynaSis visit

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