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DynaSis Introduces New Service Plan for Small Businesscom

April 20, 2010, Atlanta, GA-- DynaSis, a managed IT services company, announced today a new on-premise IT support plan for the small to medium sized business called Digital Veins Essentials. The new support plan is ideal for businesses that have invested in an IT infrastructure but need other essentials such as Hosted Exchange email, web hosting, and basic support.

Digital Veins Essentials allows a small business to focus on their core strengths while experts at DynaSis maintain day-to-day IT tasks. The plan is a scaled down version of Digital Veins Partner, a more inclusive IT support plan for larger businesses. Digital Veins Essentials was created for small businesses with 5-30 employees and includes four hours monthly of help desk and on-site support, 24x7 monitoring, basic web hosting, data backup monitoring, Hosted Exchange email, email filtering (spam & virus), patches and updates, IT reporting, and security management. Essentials clients will also receive a Service Delivery Manager that acts as a strategic advisor for the businesses future IT plans.

Chas Arnold, Executive Vice President of DynaSis commented, “Many small businesses are struggling with maintaining their day-to-day IT functions and are bogged down with patches and updates, viruses, and other security threats. They may not be sure how their IT can help their business grow and succeed in the future. With DynaSis Essentials, we have given them a package deal at an affordable price that will help save on costs in the long run. They get what they need so they can get their head above water and start focusing on more strategic decisions.”

While large companies have access to multiple IT professionals on-staff, small businesses are struggling to address IT proactively. With Digital Veins Essentials, small businesses can now gain access to the same tools afforded to larger companies at a competitive price.
For more information regarding DynaSis service plans, visit or call 770.882.2432.

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DynaSis is a managed IT service provider servicing small and medium sized businesses in the Atlanta area since 1992. DynaSis specializes in managed IT service plans, managed hosting and professional equipment installation. For more information about DynaSis visit

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