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DynaSis Debuts Zero-Impact Network Assessment Service; New Service Pinpoints Weaknesses Quickly and Quietly

Alpharetta, Georgia – May 8, 2012 – DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced its new Zero-Impact Network Assessment Service. Using powerful, automated tools running on the network, DynaSis maps corporate networks and their devices and identifies points of weakness or misconfiguration in only a few hours, with no impact on network or system performance.

“Network Assessments are an essential step in resolving congestion, detecting violations such as rogue access points and identifying problems with configuration, security and other weaknesses,” said Ried Thiel, Director of CIO Services for DynaSis. “Yet, many companies—especially SMBs—either don’t understand the importance of Network Assessments or are hesitant to do them because of the days of disruption some methods cause in the past. Our automated solution runs via a DynaSis laptop connection to the network, and all operations take place in the background with no network degradation. Users don’t even know the assessment is being conducted.”

DynaSis’ Network Assessment service is fully secure, does not harvest or transmit sensitive data, and leaves no traces on the network. After completion, DynaSis analyzes the assessment results and develops a comprehensive report identifying network issues and weak spots, with recommendations for necessary upgrades and, if requested, suggestions for improvements or expansions. Report highlights include:

  • Network “Risk Report”: A summary of the overall risk score, with easy-to-follow charts identifying problem areas and conflicts
  • Best-Practices Deviation Report: Pressure-point issues that warrant investigation
  • Inventory of network devices (routers, printers, PCs, servers and more), including rogue devices operating without the company’s knowledge
  • Network access weaknesses such as outdated permissions or insecure passwords
  • Inventory of installed applications, servers, and other software and hardware with recommendations for best-practices configuration and management

“Over time, as network configurations change, or users and devices are added or deleted, problems slip into the network undetected,” says Thiel. “Many companies unwittingly have network issues that create persistent network degradation or even expose business assets to assault. A Network Assessment is the first step in correcting these and other problems.”

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